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Marco Mamone Capria

“Pseudoscienza nella scienza biomedica contemporanea: il caso della vivisezione”,

Biologi Italiani, giugno 2003, 33(6), pp. 10-27;  marzo 2004, 34(3), p. 78


In this article the main argument of scientific antivivisectionism is outlined, with several references to original articles and documents.


“Uomini e topi” 

http://www.report.rai.it/R2_popup_articolofoglia/0,7246,243%5E90208,00.html (video e trascrizione)


This documentary was broadcast by the Italian national Channel 3, on 22 October 2004, in prime time. Never before or after, to our knowledge, a journalistic inquiry on vivisection, assuming a neutral point of view, exposed so convincingly the poor quality of both the methodology and their perpetrators. It is the definitive proof that in order to refute vivisections it is enough to let vivisectors speak. It would be great if someone took the task of inserting English subtitles.


Marco Mamone Capria

         On concordance and discordance



A commentary (10 January 2007) concerning an important systematic review of animal experiments published on BMJ (British Medical Journal), strengthening the negative conclusions of the authors on vivisection’s predictive value.