Letter of August 3, 2017, by J. Fischlin to the University of Zürich Vice-Chancellor.

I sent you the article by Prof. Dott. Marco Mamone Capria which appeared in Biologi Italiani, with a circulation of [40.000] copies. There, once again, animal experiments have been documented as a pseudo-scientific fraud and an egregious crime against humans and animals.

I got no reply from you. Instead you backed the unlawful resumption of seriously harmful experiments with hominids.

All medicinal catastrophes and the entire pollution of the environment through the squirting of poison in industrial agriculture which is responsible for the loss of 3% of soil every year, are a result of the pseudo-scientific fraud of animal experimentation. Let me just mention Smon, Thalidomide, Vioxx (which, according to animal experiments was supposed to be good for the heart, but in fact caused 320,000 coronary heart attacks, strokes and heart failures, 140,000 of them fatal, not to speak of persons injured for life), as well as DDT.

Albrecht von Haller, who is considered to be a great natural scientist, was a brutal animal experimenter. In his old age ho could not find peace of mind because he became aware of the futility and the criminality of his actions.

In connection with a medical scandal here in Switzerland, I had to translate simultaneously a professor of pharmacology who said behind closed doors: "Animal experiments are not conclusive. Therefore we have got to make more of them". The same distinguished gentleman then refused the German Physicians against Animal Experiments access to his laboratory.

Animal experimenters and its instigators have to come to terms with their conscience, proveided they have got one. Descartes for instance certainly had none. Not by coincidence he did not say: "I feel, therefore I am".